The trending African CGI studio

With the help of CGI you can have images and animations that are vibrant and ralistic to bring your vision to life.


Zion visualizations is a team of experienced, ambitious and well funded team of 3D animators and architectural visualizers. Who are committed to making design accessible and comprehensible


Our goal is to offer prompt and professional services at an affordable price. We have worked on projects with budgets ranging from hundreds of birr to several hundred thousand birr, and are always looking for the best and most effective way to communicate our clients message...


Design, build and present everyday: change the way teams understand data to make more efficient decisions. We work with individuals and business firms of all sizes to bring ideas to life through thoughtful client-oriented design solutions.


Simply send us your files and within in a couple of days you will have top quality photo-realistic visualization returned. Or you can come to our studio; discuss detailed issues, so we can develop a solution to fit your needs.

render farm

Say hello to your new render farm! We have several processors with the best graphics cards on the market; no need to rent a server, no need to plug-in anything, install any software or worry about keeping it running! Just send us your files and let us worry about it.

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VR experience

Virtual Reality is revolutionalilzing architectural visualization! and here at Zion visualizations, VR is reaching its top potential. We develop applications that can be viewed in oculus rift or strings that can be embedded in a website. Our VR experiences are fully optimized for presentations; the only thing that can compete with our VR experience is a 1:1 scale model.

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triumphal Projects

Our portfolio of past projects speak more than words...

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Youth Library - ABZ Architects

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Roots Resort - MoCT Proposal


Museum Project - Belay Architects

Harari Stadium

Harari Stadium - Shigez Consulting PLC